11 One Piece Characters Who Has Woke up Satan Fruits

On my final publish, I defined the Awakening and the way it would possibly have an effect on completely different satan fruit sorts and talked about One Piece characters who formally had an awakening. In the present day I will likely be discussing 11 Satan Fruit Customers who had an awakening. Everyone knows how Oda wish to foreshadow and go away small hints to approaching occasions.

So listed here are the highest characters who in all probability achieved Awakening for his or her Satan Fruits:

Woke up Zoan sorts can face up to large quantity of injury dealt to them. Even after they appear to have been handled and lifeless, Zoans can virtually revive from large assaults similar to the Woke up Jailer Beasts. 2 Character that may have succeeded in reaching Awakening are:


Having a dumb wanting face, he’s fairly ferocious in his assaults. He ate an unknown satan fruit that makes him flip right into a cow.


Like all Mino he is likely one of the 5 Jailer Beasts. He additionally ate an unknown satan like the remainder that makes hin flip right into a rhino.



Like the remainder of the Jailer Beasts, this man can recuperate fairly quick whereas having a snot nostril and the identical uncontrollable blood lust to torture inmates.


Along with his luscious hair and shy persona, he’s one fearsome and brutal opponent. He ate an unknown satan fruit that turns him right into a zebra, the Jailer Beasts concern Sadi for his or her failure to seize Luffy and the others.

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As this man appeared simply after the timeskip, we have no idea for sure that he’s woke up however as the remainder of the Jailer Beasts share the identical attribute he may be woke up. He makes use of his rope to hold and torture prisoners.


There was a ticking time bomb that may obliterate Alabasta however within the final seconds Pell grabbed it and took off within the air. After the bomb detonated, we thought he’s performed for however on the finish he survived and seen his personal grave.


Yeah, I do know this might sound loopy. His authentic satan fruit permits him to have three transformations however with the assistance of the rumble ball he might entry 7 types pre-time skip. After the time skip he solely makes use of the rumble ball for Monster level. The rumble ball is a imply to realize awakening quicker. My guess, he’ll obtain full awakening when he doesn’t want the rumble ball and a time restrict for his Monster Level.

Within the class of Paramecia, we all know of Donquixote Doflamingo reaching Awakening. The Awakening of Paramecia is achieved when the can have an effect on their surrounding space by the kind of satan fruit they’ve, DD turned buildings into string to battle Luffy’s Gear four.7


Magellan’s awakening energy is completely different from DD. As an alternative of turning buildings in venom he can produce entry venom and eventually turning it right into a venom demon that he can management by the actions he makes and presumably by mentally controlling it. When Luffy was combating Magellan with the assistance of Mr. three’s wax wax fruit he might battle with out being poisoned from the venom however as Magellan was making ready the Venom Demon the wax from Champion Stamp bought affected by the venom so my guess is that this last type of Venom Demon is his woke up state.

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The Logia-type awakening to this point is all conspiracy. As we’ve got seen and know that paramecia and zoan can obtain awakening, logia-types ought to have that skill too. As I wrote on my final publish, essentially the most possible awakening could be to have an effect on the local weather and temperature of the encompassing space and it might have an effect on the world for a chronic interval even years after they’re gone. It is dependent upon the awakening stage you’re in.

Awakening in actual life is a sudden realisation that may change your future. If you happen to obtain awakening however proceed the issues in your previous you’ll by no means be woke up. You can be woke up after you begin engaged on it. Awakening will solely occur if you happen to work more durable and more durable into reaching your needs. The identical in One Piece the extra you’re employed in your awakening the stronger and higher you get.


Crocodile mentioned it himself that he achieved perfection of his satan fruit which means he was woke up. He additionally mentioned that it’s not how robust the df is however how you employ it to good it that makes it robust. For instance: If as soon as Crocodile ate his satan fruit he began a small enterprise of promoting sand in a bottle or a gymnasium teacher and began eradicating entry water in your physique he would by no means woke up his skill however engaged on his satan fruit and mastering it, he was capable of awaken his true energy.

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If this idea is appropriate than Akainu and Aokiji are the perfect contenders for this idea as their skills modified the local weather in Punk Hazard to be half ice and half burning fireplace with volcanoes. Their battle occurred for 10 days straight and after 2 years when the Strawhats landed on Punk Hazard nonetheless had the aftermath results of their battle.

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