A brand new Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time glitch is a speedrun game-changer

Speedrunners have unearthed an exploit in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that might dramatically change how the group performs the sport — and its follow-up, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, which is already seeing new world information.

The glitch permits gamers to equip any merchandise they need at any interval of Ocarina of Time, regardless of how outdated Hyperlink is. That signifies that grownup Hyperlink can wield the Deku Stick, as an illustration, whereas younger Hyperlink can use the Hammer merchandise — each impossibilities within the unaltered recreation.

Exodus uploaded the video above to point out how the “unrestricted equipping” trick works, requiring some excessive precision to enter a code on one specific body. When you’ve nailed that down — it’s all described within the video — Hyperlink will be capable to begin utilizing whichever merchandise he desires.

The precise body gamers must do the button enter on to unlock the exploit.

The flexibility to make use of late-stage objects early on ought to open up new routes to run via the sport, as excited Redditors pointed out. There aren’t a ton of recorded speedruns utilizing the trick but, though one participant’s testing it out on Twitch. Under, Zfg1 nails the frame-perfect glitch after some effort:

The place we’re actually seeing this glitch take impact is with Majora’s Masks. It has a unique perform within the latter recreation, though it’s utilized the identical means; in Majora’s Masks, the exploit duplicates Zora Eggs. With the ability to in the reduction of on fetching these collectible quest objects is big, speedrunners say, making this one of many largest time savers doable within the recreation.

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There’s already a brand new world file for Majora’s Masks that makes use of the exploit, and the speedrunner — TrevPerson — predicts extra gamers will greatest his time quickly. The file within the Any% class is now set at one hour, 22 minutes and 57 seconds, because of a brand new route that the duplication glitch creates.

Pulling off this exploit could also be irritating for inexperienced speedrunners, however it’s a cool growth for many who have been following these communities through the years. That there are nonetheless secrets and techniques buried in these almost 20-year-old video games is fascinating — particularly massive ones like these.

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