Free Blender Rayleigh Scattering Shader

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Joschka Bläker writes:

You understand how you see that stunning orange haze on footage of earth from area the place the solar goes down behind the horizon?

That haze is attributable to one thing referred to as “Rayleigh Scattering”, one thing Blender doesn’t at present help, not natively not less than, and it is the most important hurdle to get from stylized planet renders to lifelike trying ones.

In my newest work I created a semi-realistic trying earth

Look carefully and you’ll discover that very same orange fade on the horizon.

To get to the purpose: I put in some effort and made a usable shader out of it and it is publicly accessible as CC-Zero! Cool beans!

I am excited to see what you provide you with!

Joyful Mixing,

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