Japanese Tumblr Consumer Shuts Down Cultural Appropriation Argument

Japanese Tumblr Consumer Shuts Down Cultural Appropriation Argument

An web publish from 2012 has resurfaced and sparked a debate about cultural diffusion, which is an idea that two (or extra) differing cultures undertake elements from one another and combine it into their very own tradition.


The subject is centered round a weblog publish from The Gala Gals. In it, a mother dwelling in Utah organized a Japanese Tea themed party for her daughter. Kimonos, Geisha make-up, and Japanese impressed meals have been part of the get together.

Whereas the children regarded they’d a enjoyable time, Tumblr consumer ginzers has accused the publish of encouraging cultural appropriation. The consumer argues:

“The make-up is clearly reflective of conventional Geisha make-up which is yellowface and due to this fact racist. Moreover, the lady is sporting a kimono, a garment that has for ages carried cultural significance. Assuming that she is white how will you suppose that is okay? And cultural appropriation isn’t a factor? What rock do you reside beneath? I recommend you educate your self on the variations between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.”

There are lecturers that agree that cultural appropriation is a really actual situation, but it surely’s not within the context ginzers is utilizing. For starters, cultural appropriation is outright stealing parts of one other tradition, ignoring its origin, and fetishizing it in opposition to the needs of the originators.

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Rooney (a white actor) performed a Japanese character in 1961’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The function is often cited in Hollywood’s previous of utilizing yellowface for Asian characters.

It’s additionally incorrect to name Geisha make-up yellowface. Geisha make-up is porcelain white as a result of it made it simpler to see their facial expressions in dimly lit rooms. Enjoyable reality: Geisha make-up originated in China.

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And whereas the kimono garment is indigenous to Japan, it doesn’t maintain any extra cultural significance than a pair of sandals. In truth, “kimono” actually means “factor to put on.”

Whereas ginzers is ranting and accusing folks of racism, a Japanese Tumblr consumer referred to as Yuki determined to close issues down:


I’m Japanese, in Japan at this very second. The one individuals who suppose tradition shouldn’t be shared are racists such as you.

“A overwhelming majority of Japanese folks really take pleasure in different folks making an effort to unfold and luxuriate in Japanese tradition, and encourage it. Many make companies in intentionally taking footage of individuals in kimono. A standard omiage (reward) for foreigners from Japanese folks is conventional Japanese issues resembling kimonos, tea units, shisa canine statues, and so on.

“And to high it off, principally 80 p.c of Japanese customs, traditions, and meals got here from different nations. Japanese is an integration of various cultures, like America. Japan takes influences from locations like Korea, China, Russia, and Europe. If Japan caught to itself, there could be no tempura, Japanese tea, tea ceremonies, kabuki, Japanese bread, Japanese curry, J-Pop, anime, automobiles, or trendy fishing methods. The image shouldn’t be ‘yellow face’ they aren’t making enjoyable of Asians. In truth, it seems to be like they put additional care and analysis into their work.

“The one motive that you’ve got an issue with it is because that little lady is white and you realize that it’s acceptable on Tumblr to crap throughout white folks. The one racist right here is you.”

The place do you stand on this debate?

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